Three Ways to Stay Fit While on Vacation

It is so hard to stick to a diet while on vacation, but you don’t want to totally ruin months and months of hard-earned work during a week’s vacation, do you? By eating smart, you can still enjoy the cuisine, eat some of your favorite foods and keep your caloric intake to a maintenance level.

Yoga On The Beach

Do morning workouts

Exercising before breakfast is one of the best ways to get your metabolism revved up. The extra boost in calorie burning can last for most of the day.

Most resorts have an exercise room that you can use as one of their guests. If you would rather exercise outside, sign-up for Zumba on the beach, yoga or water aerobics. Nobody says working out has to be boring. Or just swim laps in the resort’s pool. It is all fun!

Use the 80/20 calorie rule

One trick is to use the 80/20 rule. Spend 80% of your calories per day on healthy foods, the kind you would eat back home and 20% on the local restaurant specialties, or foods you never eat or don’t have available at home. For instance, if you go to a restaurant that is famous for it’s cheesecake, eat a healthy dinner and then order a slice of cheesecake and eat half of it.

Eating on Vacation

Your staple should still be fresh fruits, vegetables and meats, which are readily available in most resort areas. And watch the drinks. The calories in sugary ones like Pina Coladas, and others with the little umbrellas, can really add up. Instead opt for a light beer, red wine or even something straight on the rocks, like tequila.

While you are most likely eating the number of calories you need to lose weight while at home, bump up the number of calories to maintenance; that is normally a 500 calorie per day increase. If you keep your exercise level about the same, you won’t gain weight and you can start up where you left off, after your vacation.

Engage in fun calorie-burning family activities

Family activities are a great way to burn calories and still have quality family time. If at an ocean-side resort, check out some snorkel gear and see what is under the surface of the sea. Snorkeling is a great calorie burner. Pack a Frisbee in your luggage. It doesn’t take up much room and weighs next to nothing, yet it can provide hours of good exercise.


Another great calorie burner is walking along the beach. The soft sand makes you work harder than walking on a smooth surface, plus it works different muscles in your feet and legs, making them stronger.

If you’re on an active vacation, like skiing or hiking, your exercise is already taken care of. Just remember to do some warming up before starting your activity.

By exercising about the same while on vacation and eating at the maintenance level, you can have a good time and not blow your diet while on vacation. Eat smart, exercise safely, and have fun.

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